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How to start a cosmetics line business?

2021-05-17 17:41:22 Junia Ding

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

How to start a cosmetics business line?

For cosmetics industry to say,  it is not a hard thing for you to start your own business line. It includes eyeshadow, highlighter, blusher,lipstick, lipgloss, eyelashes, face powder, liquid foundation,etc all these cosmetics products. All these products we can offer to you with customized your own brand.

  1. First, our all lipgloss etc products are neutral, which is no logo, which means we can custom your brand on them. The MOQ is small, usually is 50pcs to custom your logo, but if you have other requests, we can negoticate about moq, it is not a problem. Because our purpose is to help those people who want to start cosmetics business, we want to grow up together with you.

    Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

  2. Second, if you do not want to buy samples to test first, it is also ok. all our samples you can order to try for your future bulk order preparation.

  3. Our products they contain eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow powder, no matter shimmer,matter or glitter effect, 9 colors eyeshadow palette, 12 colors,15 colors, 18 colors, 25 colors, 35 colors eyeshadow palette we all have in stock for you to choose. there are more than 100types.Every month we develop new palettes for market based on the trending of beauty. We have heightened awareness for beauty fashion.

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff